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We offer our customers 6 different packages with different terms, participation levels, network size and prices. You as a customer purchase a package of your choice and receive a monthly payment (for the duration of the contract period) of a share of the profits generated from the „shared“ network.

Why Asic Sharing?

MINER CONTROL has removed the technical and financial hurdles, built an amazing network within the industry and has a long experience in crypto currency mining. With this MINER CONTROL Turn Key Solution, you get a back door into this once in a lifetime opportunity.

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Monthly Payout

You receive your payment monthly
directly to your

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Cost-efficent start

You can start with ASIC SHARING for a little as 50 Euros. No follow-up costs, no further fees.

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For our clients we offering a PURCHASE PRICE

Asic- Sharing- Program Packages

Package Price € 50.00
Contract Duration 6 months
Est. Result* € 64,55
Monthly Payout** € 10,76

Package Price € 250.00
Contract Duration 6 months
Est. Result* € 322,75
Monthly Payout** € 53,79

Package Price € 500.00
Contract Duration 6 months
Est. Result* € 645,50
Monthly Payout** € 107,58

Package Price € 1000.00
Contract Duration 6 months
Est. Result* € 1.291,00
Monthly Payout** € 215,17

Package Price € 5000.00
Contract Duration 6 months
Est. Result* € 6.455,00
Monthly Payout** € 1.075,83

Package Price € 10000,00
Contract Duration 6 months
Est. Result* € 12.910,00
Monthly Payout** € 2.151.67
*Calculated values are based on data and results of the last 12 months and are no guarantee for future developments.
**Monthly payout based on forecasted result.

The purchase price guarantee

Crypto mining is a business with all typical risks of business and investment! We cannot guarantee our customers profits but for our clients we offer a PURCHASE PRICE GUARANTEE! What does that mean for you? If the total amount of payments during the contract period is less than the price at which you purchased the package, at the end of the contract period you will receive another payment equal to the difference between the total amount of payments and your purchase price.

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