Affordable Hosting Prices

Affordable ASIC-Miner-Hosting directly from the experts offers you many advantages and enables you to mine
without technical know-how. We at Miner Control were able to negotiate a favorable framework
agreement for our customers with our partners

We offer comprehensive services for your project

Our data center is not only in the immediate vicinity of a power supply, it is directly connected to a hydroelectric power plant. Of course, we do not operate the hydroelectric power plant ourselves, but the location offers a great advantage. According to Ohm’s law, the distance to the energy source also plays a major role, so if the power from the power plant is „scarce“, the electricity flows first to our data center, because geographically we are simply right next to the power plant and the associated substation

Your ASICSs are important to us that’s why we take care of them

We worked for a long time on a suitable cooling concept and finally decided to simply copy the cooling concept of many ASIC miners in superlative. What does this mean? Our cold air system ensures that every 2 seconds the entire air in the data center is completely exchanged, so that the best possible cooling performance is achieved without the use of environmentally harmful gases.



Total Capacity 15 MW
Rate 0,08 EUR kw/h
Min. quantity (Hosting) 20 pcs.
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Total Capacity 12 MW
Rate 0,085 EUR kw/h
Min. quantity (Hosting) 10 pcs.
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Total Capacity 8 MW
Rate 0,19 EUR kw/h
Min. quantity (Hosting) 5 pcs.
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Total Capacity 125 MW
Rate 0,05 EUR kw/h
Min. quantity (Hosting) 30 pcs.
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