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PPK Tech Coin is available!

We are different- We are PPK With the PPK Tech Coin, we have decided to break new ground within the crypto world. There are many coins and tokens… and every day countless ICO offers from alleged „insider tips“ We at PPK have consciously decided against an ICO. We view ICOs to create liquidity critically. We are an existing company with existing REAL USE CASES that do not need to be created first. We have created our liquidity ourselves. We don’t value catching anyone with the promise of price gains on the day of a listing- like others. We have created PPKT, a token that works with a stable value of 1PPKT to 1 USDT and can be used directly to pay for services with us or our partners.


Welcome to our new partner for Germany!

We are different- We are PPK We are pleased to announce that with MyCryptoTools a new era of customer support has been launched in the German-speaking region. With MyCryptoTools as a new distribution partner, PPK can offer its customers even more proximity on site and optimal support. „For us as an international company with German roots, it was particularly important to be able to offer our German customers even better support options,“ says Peter Kritzer, CEO of PPK Technology Group.


PPK launches new Community Channel on Telegram

We are different- We are PPK Always be up to date as part of our community!


Cooperation with Advcash

With the start of the cooperation with Advcash, PKK can now offer its customers even better service – the easy way to bring cryptocurrencies into real life. With Advcash as a partner in crypto and FIAT payments, payments to our customers can now be made even faster and cheaper.



With the „ASIC SHARING PROGRAM“, we now offer a new service for newcomers and micro-investors in addition to cloud mining and co-hosting.


MINER CONTROL launches CO2 neutral „HYDRO MINING“ in Norway

The issue of electricity and CO2 emissions and the mining of cryptocurrencies is highly charged with conflict today. We are pleased that after long preparations and negotiations, we have finally been able to move to our new location in Norway with „Hydro Power Supply“ for the operation of our miners and the miners of our customers. „Besides the favourable electricity prices, we can now also contribute to CO2 neutrality,“ says Peter Kritzer. „We are very happy that we have been able to buy into an existing infrastructure of a major supplier in this highly competitive market,“ says Patrick Doepfner, COO.

PPK Technology Group LLC is an international provider of solution in Finance and Blockchain Technology

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