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The PPK Technology Group is an international provider of services in Blockchain – Technology with the goal of creating a blockchain-powered ecosystem that enables companies and individuals to leverage the power of blockchain technology through their various business units.


Software Development

At DEVSOFT, we develop cryptocurrency applications that can seamlessly integrate with your internal systems and are easy to use with end consumers. Our developers can customize a product to meet your requirements and your customer’s expectations. As an experienced cryptocurrency development company, we understand the nuances of data security and usability as they apply to create the most secure cryptocurrency exchange solutions.

System Integration

As a leading cryptocurrency app development company, we’re experts at building secure, complex integrations between multiple systems

Exchange Integrations

As an cryptocurrency exchange software development company, our experience allows us to build white-label crypto exchange integrations for financial institutions.

Wallet Development

By creating an open-source model, we’re able to adjust it to the coin you need, which is especially valuable for someone developing a new currency.

Mobile Platforms

Our experience and knowledge in mobile cryptocurrency app development allows us to build or integrate apps that depend on digital assets.


Cryptocurrency Minning

With MINER CONTROL we offer both commercial and private customers the possibility to start mining cryptocurrencies easily and cost-effectively. We support our customers with our experience from our own mining operation. With 3 locations in Europe we offer the full service for your mining projects.

Co – Hosting

You already have ASICS and are looking for a new place for your hosting. At our locations in Norway we offer you a cheap possibility from 0,08 Euro Cent per kw/h

Cloud Mining

You want to start mining and you are looking for an inexpensive way to get started without having to buy expensive hardware and to solve technical problems?

ASIC Sharing

You just want to profit from the crypto mining business model? We offer you the perfect opportunity to do so with our ASIC SHARING PROGRAM.


Are you looking for a partner to develop, monitor and manage your mining project? Miner Control offers a wide range of services to bring your project „on the road“

PPK Technology Group LLC is an international provider of solution in Finance and Blockchain Technology

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